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"In-Brief" law school and bar exam study guides on Amazon

In-Brief complements Barbri, Themis and Kaplan programs!

Perfect for new and current law students, attorneys, professors, paralegals!

Focused only on tested topics, time management, practice questions and essays!

Law School "In-Brief"

A study guide and strategy for the bar examination specifically targeting bar tested topics

Florida "In-Brief": Distinctions between Federal and State  Law

A study guide focused on distinctions between Florida and Federal law

A Foundation In Law "In-Brief"

A deep dive into the core foundation law courses including concepts, rules and cases. Perfect for new law students.

The Florida Bar "In-Brief"

A "bare-bones" study guide with just FL Bar topics that are tested.

Georgia "In-Brief": Distinctions between Federal and State Law

​A study guide focused on distinctions between Georgia and Federal law.

All texts have a comprehensive glossary and quick reference for the US Constitution with tested clauses and sections italicized.

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The "In-Brief Series" law school and bar exam study guides on Amazon